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Qmwheel V20 1000W Electric Bike - A Powerful electric bicycle with 20-Inch Fat Tires

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Introducing Qmwheel V20: Unleash Your Ultimate Electric Adventure

Powerful Motor for Ultimate Performance:
Qmwheel V20 features a robust 750W brushless motor that delivers exceptional performance for trail riding and commuting. With a dynamic 3-speed throttle and Shimano 7-speed Pedal Assist Gear system, you can reach speeds of up to 15.5mph effortlessly. By unlocking the LED digital screen's potential, you can experience exhilarating speeds more that 20mph.

Long Journeys Made Easy with High-Capacity Battery:
Enjoy extended rides confidently with Qmwheel V20's 48V 15AH removable lithium battery. Achieve an impressive range of up to 68 miles in pedal assist mode (PAS) on a single 5-6 hour charge. (Range varies due to factors like road conditions and rider weight). Charge the battery conveniently at home or the office after detaching it from the e-bike.

Timeless Style Meets Modern Convenience:
Qmwheel V20 blends timeless design with modern electric components, offering a ride that combines vintage charm and contemporary technology seamlessly.

Versatile Riding Across Various Terrains:
Navigate diverse landscapes with ease using Qmwheel V20's 20-inch fat tires, perfect for exploring different environments such as dirt paths, beaches, and more. Please note that mountain riding or stair navigation is not recommended.

Comfortable Excursions with Advanced Features:
Enjoy comfortable rides on extended journeys with Qmwheel V20's dual front fork and rear shockproof suspension, ensuring a smooth experience even on uneven roads. The double mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping power for safety and easy maintenance.

Enhanced Safety for Night Rides:
Qmwheel V20 prioritizes safety with a discreet steering light under the rear seat, controlled by a button on the handlebar. Coupled with a bright front light and horn, these features enhance visibility and safety during nighttime rides.

Comprehensive Support and Warranty:
Count on Qmwheel V20's quality with a comprehensive warranty covering the electric motor, battery, and charger. Our dedicated support team guarantees a quick response within 24 hours for any quality concerns.

Tips for Protecting Your Investment:
To facilitate potential returns or queries related to your electric bike, it's advisable to preserve the original packaging for a designated period. This step ensures a streamlined process for any future needs.

Here's Why You'll Love This:

  • High-Powered Performance: With a 750W motor (250W EU version) that can peak at 1000W, the E-bike V20 conquers uphill climbs effortlessly.
  • Ample Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 48V 15AH battery, the Qmwheel V20 E-bike boasts a generous 720Wh capacity. Enjoy the freedom to cover distances of up to 28-45 miles on a single charge.
  • Exploration-Ready Fat Tires: The 20" off-road fat bike tires are designed to take you on extraordinary journeys, expanding your horizons with every ride.
  • Effortless Gear Shifting: The Shimano 7-speed derailleur ensures that your V20 fat tire mini bike offers smooth and easy rides, eliminating concerns about sweat-inducing exertion.
  • Unparalleled Comfort and Stability: Featuring a full suspension design, the V20 fat bike guarantees comfort, stability, and versatility, enabling you to tackle even the most challenging terrains with confidence.
  • Swap and Extend Range: The removable battery design allows for quick battery swaps, giving you the option to extend your range by carrying an extra pack.
  • Informative LCD Display: Stay informed with the multifunctional large LCD screen on the fat tire e-bike. Get real-time updates on various status information during your ride.
  • Smart Control with Qmwheel App: Take control to the next level by connecting the e-bike to the Qmwheel app via Bluetooth. This feature empowers you to manage your e-bike conveniently from your mobile device.

Product Specifications

Category: Electric fat bike

Model: V20

Color: Brown seat & Black seat

The vehicle size: 164*68*115(CM)

Packing Size: 143*28*88(CM)

The frame material: Chrome molybdenum steel

Max Support Weight: 150kg

Max Motor Power: 750W Avg. Motor (1000W Peak)

Charging Time: 5-7 hours

Mileage: 28-45 Miles Per Charge (45-65KM)

Function 1/2/3: Power cycling/Front suspension/SHIMANO gears

Speed: 15mph, 24km/h (gears adjustable, top speed shown on the video above)

Inner Tube Tire Press: 20PSI / 140KPA

Bike Computer: V8-G51

Charger: AC-DC 54.6V 2A 100-240V AC DC5.5X2.1

Battery: 48V 15AH

Brake system: Front and rear disc brake

Tire: 20×4.0

Pedal: Aluminum alloy pedal

Electric Mode: 7 Electric Speed Levels

Pedal Mode: Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

Suspension: Front Suspension + Rear Suspension

Lamp: LED flood lamp

Suitable Heights: >=170cm

Max Climbing: 24°

Water Resistant: IP54


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