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Lankeleisi RV700 1000W Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike with 26" with Fat Tires

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RV700 Full Suspension E-Bike for Comfortable and Powerful Rides 

A full suspension frame provides several benefits to riders of electric bikes, like the RV700. Firstly, it absorbs the shocks and impacts from rough terrain, improving comfort for the rider. Secondly, it ensures better traction by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground, making the ride more stable and secure, especially on uneven surfaces. Thirdly, it enhances the rider's control, allowing them to maintain their course and maneuver more easily, even on technical terrain. Lastly, it reduces rider fatigue by absorbing shocks and impacts, allowing for longer rides without feeling sore or tired. Overall, the full suspension frame greatly improves the rider's comfort, traction, control, and overall experience, making it an ideal choice for off-road and mountain biking.

There are several reasons why you might consider buying the RV700 electric mountain bike. Here are a few:

  1. Powerful performance: The RV700 is equipped with a 48V 16AH lithium battery and a 48V 1000w rear drive brushless motor. This makes it suitable for long-distance rides and provides the rider with plenty of power for tackling steep inclines or rough terrain.
  2. Comfortable ride: The RV700 features a 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame, which absorbs shocks and impacts from the terrain, providing a more comfortable ride for the rider. The suspension system also helps to reduce rider fatigue, allowing for longer rides without feeling sore or tired.
  3. High-quality components: The RV700 features high-quality components, including Shimano transmission system, CHAOYANG 4.0-inch tires, and hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even in challenging conditions.
  4. Versatile riding options: The RV700 offers riders multiple riding options, including PAS mode, pure electric mode, and pure human riding, allowing the rider to choose the level of assistance they need or switch to manual mode.
  5. Suitable for all weather conditions: All cables on the RV700 are Waterproof Integrated wires, making it suitable for riding in all weather conditions.

Product Specifications

Model: RV700

Wheel size: 26inch

Color: Black-Yellow/Black-Blue

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame

Handelbar sets: 6061 aluminum alloy,31.8*635mm

Fork: Aluminum shoulder oil spring suspension large front fork

Variable speed: Shimano 7 speed

Cranksets: JIANKUN aluminum alloy crank square hole 48T

Freewheel: SUNSHINE 14-28T

Chain: KMC 7s

Brake: Hydraulic disc brake

Rim: Aluminum alloy wheels

Tire: CHAOYANG 26*4.0

Carrying weight: 180kg

Applicable height: 170-200cm

Electric configuration:

Riding mode: PAS mode (5 Shifts),  Pure electric mode (5 Shifts), Pure Human Riding

Speed: 15mph, 24km/h

Front light: LED Powered by battery

Battery: 48V 16AH 18650 Lithium battery

Charger: 48v smart charger

Motor: 48v 1000w rear drive brushless motor, waterproof grade IP54

LCD Display: YONGLIN color display, setting function: Waterproof rating: IP54

Power assist sensor: 12-point Holzer-intensive speed sensor

Wire connector: All cables are Waterproof Integrated wires


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