Warranty Policy


1. All parts of the whole vehicle will be guaranteed in strict accordance with the warranty period.

2. Unauthorized modification of controller, battery and charger is not allowed for warranty.

3. Gifts, worn parts and packaging accessories are not covered by the warranty.

4. Damage caused by human factors is not covered by the warranty.


Electrical components


Warranty period: 12 months

If the battery capacity normally declines by more than 50% within one year (except for human factors), replace the battery with a new one within 6 months for free, and provide free warranty for 7 to 18 months. (No warranty for water ingress of battery).


Warranty period: 12 months

The motor can not be used normally to replace the motor due to normal use failure within 6 months. Free warranty for 7-18 months. (No warranty for water inflow). 

Instrument, Controller, Charger

Warranty period: 6 months

In case of failure, the performance cannot be recovered, and it can be replaced (self refitting, no replacement for man-made damage).

Booster, Switch, Accelerator, Head light

Warranty period: 6 months

The dysfunction can be replaced free of charge.


Basic components


Warranty period: 12 months

Free replacement for natural cracking, desoldering and fracture.

Front fork

Warranty period: 12 months

Free replacement for natural cracking, desoldering and fracture.

Inner tube

Warranty period: 6 months

Sharp object puncture is not covered by the warranty.

Transmission system pedal, Parking rack

Warranty period: 6 months

The dysfunction can be replaced free of charge.


2- Dirt e-bikes (Talaria & Sur-Ron):

1. Slight scratches on the body are not a product quality problem, if the buyer minds, please place an order carefully.
2. Parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period, and the buyer bears the freight and repair costs. The product warranty period is as follows; other parts have quality problems when signing for receipt, please take photos or video feedback within 7 days from the day of receipt.
3. Warranty time starts from the date of shipment

Main Parts 

Items: Battery, Motor, Controller and Charger

Warranty Period: 12 months 

Function Parts

Items: Front light, Tail light, Brake light, Mechanical brake device, Electric brake and Electric accelerator

Warranty Period: 3 months

Appearance Parts

Items: Paint Logo, Decoration strip, Foot pad, Mudguard and Other accessories not shown above.

Warranty Period: No warranty.



1. The damage caused by the modification of the vehicle by using non-original accessories is not guaranteed.

2. Damage caused by violent use or destruction is not guaranteed.
3. Damages caused by traffic accidents, natural disasters, and wars are not covered.
4. Damage caused by water ingress or soaking in water is not guaranteed.
5. If the parts are damaged due to voltage instability, the warranty will not be guaranteed.
6. Parts and accessories that have passed the warranty (guarantee) period are not guaranteed.


Important notes

If the outer package is obviously damaged when the courier delivers the package, please refuse to sign for it. If the buyer signs for the package, it will be assumed that there is no problem with the package.

If the product is damaged after unpacking, our company cannot claim compensation from the logistics company, and the relevant losses will be borne by the buyer.

The customer will be responsible for the costs of shipping both ways